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  1. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Hey Guys, Does anyone know where to get a quiet insert for a motoworks sr4 g2? Can't ride until I get one cause I ride mostly trails. Thanks:fingersx:
  2. General Discussion
    I am going to look at an 08 ds 450 not the x model. It has rear beadlocks and a yoshi exhaust. Engine is all stock. The guy that owned it before him supposedly worked at a can am dealership. Someone said they have raced this quad before ad it's been blown up twice. What are tell tale signs of it...
  3. Wanted
    i am looking for a arms for my machine,i am kinda interested in the lonestar dc 4.
  4. General Discussion
    ok guys, i have a 2011 450 setup for flattrack/tt. i have been reading this forum and see alot about the 08 model but not much if anything on the 11 model. im looking for input on what is out there for performance upgrades for the 11 model. i already have nerf bars,sway bar,lowered the factory...
  5. Quads For Sale
    This bike has JB Racing Pro series a arms with suzuki front end(spindles,hubs,brakes) along with a JB stem with removable flag for easy removal. Thomas Modifications race engine( NATIONAL PRO LEVEL) Hinson Slipper clutch set up Cv4 Hoses, tank cool, fuel line cool Motoworks G2 pipe custom ecu...
  6. Pictures and Videos
    i don't think there is a general videos thread here, at leat i failed to locate the last 3 times i wanted to post a video, so i'm beggining this one, hope it's up to "code"... to start, i will post my own ds edit on my backyard track! if you dont like slo-mo skip to 1:35!
  7. General Discussion
    We are buying a new DS 450x xc for my daughter to race in the spring in hare scrambles, but I am finding it difficult to see if it is worth waiting for the 11 or save a few bucks and buy the 10...the dealers in my area can't tell me what is new and when I call BRP they are always busy and want...
  8. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Just got a '08 ds 450 but the manual was missing and has to be ordered. I need to tighten the chain before the first serious ride. I can see the cam design but I don't want to mess up anything. Can anyone give me a couple of quick hints on how to move the axle assembly to tighten the chain...
  9. General Discussion
    I took it upon myself to do a little experiment today. I'm sure many of you have tried this before, but I finally decided to find the top speed of my DS. I erased the current "top speed" in my Garmin and stuck it under the seat (the little tool pocket). I do know that the Garmin's speedo is...
1-9 of 9 Results