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So I picked up a 2008 ds 450 that ran, but had a bad battery and an oil leak. Got it home and started to go over the bike and check it all out. All the fluids seemed to be good and it had good spark and good fuel pressure, so after some wire fiddling it fired up good but ran with a bit of a tick, (which I heard was common with these bikes), and ten minutes later after I topped up the oil a bit, the bike decided to blow the cam bridge at the exhaust cam side... I got lucky and killed the bike just soon enough as to avoid crazy damage. The exhaust cam has some wear on it but seems to be alright after a good clean up, and the intake cam looks near perfect. The valves as well look to all be in near perfect shape, and avoided any damage. (Side note: it seems to be almost impossible to find any parts for these bikes on the aftermarket? Any good parts places for these bikes would be appreciated). All this being said;

1. I am in need of a cylinder head/cam bridge/valve cover. (Just the bare head is what im after).
2. If you think I should replace the exhaust cam rather than chancing it, then please direct me to a place where its not going to cost an arm and a leg lol.
3. New piston rings. (just the 3 rings)
4. If anyone of the admins or trusted members are willing to share secrets with a northern Canadian neighbour and fellow enthusiast via text message or social media, then please feel free to contact me and let me know.

I am looking forward to using this forum more and hope that it is still used on a regular-ish basis lol CHEERS!
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