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good evening gents

I have a can am ds450 from 2008 of which my clutch recently gave in. Was riding it and suddenly clutch started making noise and quad didnt want to move anymore.

opened it up today and found that screw came loose and was bend a bit. it scratched the cover but not too bad. the clutch basket is also missing a piece and there are clear signs of the clutch plates being burned. Clutch retaining plate also has small crack in it but not all the way through.

My plan is to buy a full new clutch assembly, original or hinson, whatever i can find... cause I live in qatar so have to order it. Put it all back together and hope it can go for another year. My only fear is that some debris might have gone into the engine itself and f*ck everything up over there... i dont really have the time nor place to fully disassemble the engine to check. So will flush it will oil a couple of times when its back together and hope for the best.

Also I heard that you can do a clutch cover mod to let your clutch last longer. Should i do this?
What is your opinion? Am i on the right path and any suggestions where I can find a new clutch?

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