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hey gang , i am from Canada Quebec,i own a Ds 450X 08"
i not realy good in englich but i understand well,
i love my quad. I do a lot of trail riding in north of quebec (saint-donat,Notre-dame de la mercie,Rawdon)

i have 50 h of riding , and 5 oil change and filter,
i do my maintenance 50 h and 2 rear tire almost finish

thear a thing (the fully ajustable shock >compresion >rebond ...ect..)
my weight is nearly 200lbs and it really hard when a it a little rock
the steering give me all the impact ..
i think this supension is to stiff or streng

-i do not understand all the ajustement and they benific

- the rear tire ,do u have some sugestion for trail rinding and rock
i know ,like the brand new ds450xc(for trail) have they itp gncc tire
they are good tire for me?

- is my first quad whit a cluch,,when i slowly drop the cluch it make a noise like a biz (sqeeeq) that normal?

- and a nothing think bizare ..a lost the rear brake pressure
when i buy the quad ,the rear brake lock the 2 wheel esay (sensitive)
a litle pressur on the rear brake lock the 2 wheel
and a day when a brake it make that noise when ur brake is finich

i go to the dealer was my pad >>no pad
ok he chang my pad

but ..i tell him the brake systeme dont brake like new one (like not bleeding the systeme )
ok comback in the garage bleed the systeme

..and nothing i have the same problem.. the levier of rear brake i can push it to the buttom (not tight,very soft and do not brake well as new one
and the guy from the dealer it tell that normal.. f**** off

that it
but i love my bike

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well the clutch squeek is common. as many of us have been discussing lately there are recalls/updates for the 08 clutch. suprised that yours lasted 50 hours. mine lasted the first ride haha. the brakes are also a prob ive heard about, and am actually now experiancing. i read somewhere that if you swap out the master cyliunder with a hondas you should be ok. good luck with it all!
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