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This is my second DS rebuild so I am confident I did everything correctly. Used the shop manual along the way. New gaskets and valve seals were installed. Torque specs were followed for everything besides head nuts because my crows foot would not fit on the inner head nuts. I had the same problem the first time around and the engine still ran great afterwards.

After installing the engine and connecting everything I went to crank the engine with no ignition or fuel to get some oil in the top of the engine. After about 20 seconds of cranking with no fuel or spark, I hooked everything up completely and went for the first start up. Started decent but idled at 3k RPM right away. This is abnormal at least for my machine, so I immediately killed it to double check everything. Air leaks, electrical plugs etc. I checked just about everything. Went for another start up and this time it idled at 4k RPM. I went with it and gave it just a little throttle and it rev hanged at about 5k RPM. I shut it off again. I have not started it since because something must be wrong. Not sure what it could be...

Seems way too coincidental to me to be a simple throttle body problem. Any ideas from the crowd? Thanks in advance.
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