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Kenny Zahrt was an old school MX racer that rode for Can-Am and Bultalco back in the dinosaur age and now runs Haul'n Zahrt in Canyon Country. if anyone in So-Cal wants bike work done, I HIGHLY recommend him. he revalved my suspension for an insanely good deal and did some minor tweaks to the motor and other suspenion components and i seriously feel like im on a new bike. the suspension is BOTTOMLESS. even with the leg injury i was hittin 25+ft kickers and tables and didnt feel it at all. hes also doing my atc/cr500 conversion and is incredibly knowledgable in EVERYTHING motorcycle related.

again, if you want ANYTHING done to your bike, quad or even jet-ski, take it to him. tell him Harley with the can-am quad sent you and im sure he'll hook you guys up. i cant praise this guy enough. super cool and i dont know how he did it, but the suspension is super dialed in, better than anything ive rode.

Haul'n Zahrt
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