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LED tail/brake light

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I ordered an 1157 LED light to use for my taillight and brake light. I plugged it in and it doesn't work. I read online something about negative polarity in the Can-Ams. Is there any easy way to get this light to work or am I wasting my time? The light does work, I hooked it up to a battery, so that's not the problem. Thanks.
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Are you getting 12 volts to the socket and good ground? Lets check the easy stuff first.
The old incandescent bulbs work fine in it. I read some where online that a guy had like a 15 step project to get the LED lights to work. Something doesn't sound right there. Could it be it won't work without a resistor? I put some LEDs in my truck for the turn signals. And they draw so little electricity that they blink fast like there's no bulb in it. Could that be what's going on here?
I just got a clear led brake light as well, I'll let you know how it works for me when/if I get it to work
Sounds great. The one on the right is what I'm trying to get to work.


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Crap, I missed the fact that it was an led that you were trying to make work. I bet you'll need a resistor to up the amp draw to make it work.
Yes you will need a resistor to have it working. Had the same problem and solved it by adding a resistor.
Im still trying to figure mine out, it seams to be some sort of polarity issue, i tried a thousand different ways to hock it up but I only get either a running light with no brake light or no running light with a brake light
see if there is a ground with a multimeter
I have a ground only when the brake is not applied, when applying the brake the ground cuts out
Did you ma age to fix it?
I havehe same problem.
I Got led light and position light is working g but brake light dont. Would need help
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