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Hey guys I'm new here from south africa... Having trouble with my ds I got about 2 weeks back
The battery doesn't charge I put a fresh battery in it the oem for the ds.
Reads 12.42 volts with key off
Running its reading 11.90
LED bar installed on it.
Fan also just kicks on at random times bike will be dead cold hasn't even fired up and the fan kicks on sometimes.
I'm no newbie to efi had issues with a ltr got it figured out also worked on many bikes but this ds is kicking me in the nuts the stator looks fine all fuses are intact and I put on another Rectifier and no difference.
However they are loose wires to the engine and fuel light 🤦.
Any idea what the figures should be when running and why my fan is doing that? There are no videos up on YouTube so if someone on here is a ds wiz I could really use your help.. Thank you. BTW ds is a 09 Xc no fuel controller just the sr2 and uni filter and open airbox lid.
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