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Hey guys im fairly new to the forum as i recently bought my first can am, which ive been wanting ever since the day i saw the xmx. So ive always want the specific 14’ ds 450 xmx which is what i finally got two months ago. Which its been some what cold here on Long Island since owning it and so the bike hasnt had this problem often but it happened once a month ago and now the last few times ive pushed her or have been on a trail that has alot of first-third gear trail making type reving/riding. Which is when she would start to overheat. So i checked the fuse it was blown, put a new fuse in blew right away. I then unplugged the fan and notice either water or some other liquid with in the female end. So i replaced the plug and put a new fuse in and fuse was blown and still over heating.(I purposely tested to get it to try and overheat in hopes the fan would turn on) but i got nothing. Meanwhile on my kfx everytime i shut the bike down the fan stays on cooling her down yet my ds never has done so. Is there something else i can do or look for to try and fix or am I having replacing the fan or radiator or both. I already flushed the cooling system replaced the coolant and swapped the hoses with new hoses so there is new fluid and it is passing through the system but for whatever reason the engine is not being cooled down??? Any help would be great sorry for the huge novel!!!
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