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Hey guys and gals. I've had the DS for just over a month now, and I've been riding it quite a bit on my two tracks. I've raced suzuki's my entire career and the 18th was the first time at the race practice riding something other than a Suzuki.

The track was a hard pack fast track with alot of elevation changes and some good sized jumps.

I can tell you all that compared to my full suspension Suzuki, the Can-am rocks the track. . Was able to ride alot harder for longer without getting tired when compared to the suzuki. Just need to get te rear end squatting down a little more, and my pipe for a little more power.

The DS is a super comfortable and flickable ride and I had a few people come up and talk to me afterwards and said they loved how it looked in the air. You can throw this bike around like its nothing! I will keep ya's posted, but it looks like my speed is where it was when I had the lay off... if not faster with the Can-Am. Very impressed so far!
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