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Subject: 2008 DS450 x
At the moment it appears that I'm having a grounding issue at the ecm but I'm just not convinced 100% to replace it. I'm hoping someone has insight as to what the problem can be.
The quad won't start (It won't turn over), I just get a click at the starter solenoid so the starter will not crank. I replaced the starter solenoid and it didn't fix the issue.

So I start testing. The positive side of the solenoid (comes from the starting button) seems to be good because I disconnected the ground side (Coming from the ecm) of the starter solenoid and provided a ground to the solenoid by connecting it directly to the negative on the battery using a jumping wire. When I do that I can get the quad to crank and start and idle. However, the check engine light is on and after I let it warm up I rev it up and instead of returning to idle it will stall.

To double check the grounding system on the quad I jumped that same ground side of the starter solenoid to the frame. The quad started and idled with the check engine light on.

Then I grounded that same ground side of the solenoid to the motor and the quad started and idled with the check engine light on

So I took my jumper wire off and hooked it back up to factory hook up. The quad won't turn over again.
I resistance tested the ground side wire from the solenoid connection to the ecm connection and it tests good.
Where I'm at right now with the quad is that it looks like the ecm isn't putting out a solid steady ground to the starter solenoid. Do these quads have ecm issues? Has anyone seen this? Or know where I should go from here?

Another thing - the quad has been sitting for multiple months on a battery tender. Was fine went I put it in storage

Let me know what you think
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