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well ive been pretty unlucky selling my old dirtbike so just thought id try to trade it.

looking for new arms for the ds, either longtravel or standard, preferably regular travel so i dont have to do the KYB mod or get new shocks.

so anyone in so cal that wants it, here it is.

1986 Yamaha YZ125, bored to a 160~, weiseco hi compression piston, boyesen power reeds, new boyesen rad valve, answer pipe, oil changed, radiator flushed, suspension serviced, bike is in ok shape for being 23 years old. fast bike. worth around $700? right in the area of a good a-arm set-up. no pink, just bill o sale. previous owner never sent it to me before leaving for iraq. any questions just ask.

love to sell or trade. thanks


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